The Massacre at Witchcaves

Haerak, Fjensir and K’larsh quickly took control of what remained of the refugees in Witchcaves, setting themselves up in the home of the former sheriff.  K’larsh delighted in particular the ordering the frightened men & women about.

From one of the surviving guardsmen, Haerak learned that black riders had been seen in the distance for the last several nights, and that the caves themselves were haunted, with a ghostly apparition warning off those who approached, especially in the evening.

Haerak guessed that the rider might well be the recipient of his package, but, as he had no idea when they might return, he decided to investigate the caves, both to satisfy his curiosity, and in the event that the ghost might prove a threat. Haerak and Fjensir found no ghost in the caves, rather, the remnants of a small cookfire, and, interestingly, a set of small footprints, perhaps the size of a teenage girl’s. They pressed deeper into the caves, but after some distance gave up, not wanting to mount a full expedition without K’larsh, and additional planning. As they left, Fjensir left a few small, useful objects, an offering for the spirits he claimed. Bemused, particularly given the strong evidence for a more corporeal explanation of the ‘spirit’, Haerak followed suit, leaving a small amount of food behind.

The first night passed uneventfully, Haerak returned to the cave to find their offering gone, in its place, a small mural, showing a cloaked rider trampling houses and warriors, surely meant to be Haerak, his companions, and the town of Witchcaves. Haerak waited at the cavemouth for several hours, enjoying the exceptional view from the cliff-face. As evening came, he noticed a dark rider appear, far below on the opposing side of the village.

Haerak decided that the rider may well be the recipient of Gobbage’s package, and that ghostly(or at least, ghost-impersonator) warnings or no, he was eager to clear this debt from his ledger. He knocked an arrow in his bow, and launched it in the riders general direction, hoping to gain the attention of the distant horseman.

As he returned to town, he found the rider gone, and with night falling, he had little to do but rest and wait.

A dark premonition awoke the Barbarian some hours later, from his window he could see a strange, unnatural fog rolling in. Haerak woke his companions, gathered up his blade, and went out to investigate, falling perfectly into the powerful Githyanki wizards trap. A quick blast of psychic energy paralyzed Haerak, and he soon found himself bound, disarmed, and facing a company of gaunt, tall humanoids, the likes of which he had never seen. The leader, snarling his disdain for Haerak, ripped away a tiny hidden compartment in Haeraks cloak, drawing out a strange, charred, diamond encrusted bone, obviously the true package.

With his prize in hand, the leader ordered his warriors to kill the paralyzed trio, insisting that no witnesses be left behind, but before their throats could be cut, one of the warriors begged his master for the chance to face Haerak and K’larsh in combat, wishing to prove his might for all to see.

The master agreed, and the three faced off. The Githyanki warrior was well armed and armoured, and he was strong, fast, and skilled. That, combined with his psionic abilities would make him far more than a match for two average warriors, however, he found himself outmatched by Haerak and K’larsh.  Their strength and fury forged in the brutality and terror of the underdark, the two powerful combatants smashed through the warriors defences, cutting him down where he stood, much to the delight of the Gith’s chortling companions.

With his servant dead, the disgusted wizard ordered his remaining troops to finish the job, giving them a minute to slay the pesky couriers. Faced with three more of the powerful gith warriors, Haerak and his companions fought fiercely, and, with the strength of their steel, magic, and more than a little luck, were victorious.15-Githyanki_Githzerai

A dying gasp from one of the warriors reminded Haerak of the wizards timeline, and, fearing reprisal, he called for flight to the caves. This was barely a moment too soon, as the village erupted in blasts of flame, engulfing the surviving buildings in explosions. Haerak and his companions were neither attacked nor followed however, and, they were able to safely rest the night, albeit in the relatively poor comfort of a haunted cave. In the morning, they found their latest offerings gone, this time replaced by a small collection of potions.

Haerak took the time to write a short missive to their would be savior, thanking him or her for trying to warn them, and their assistance, he also informing them that he would shortly be returning to Deepwatch. He pinned the note down with another stack of food, a good blade, and set off for the City.

A handful of refugees had survived the attack, and despite K’larsh’s reluctance to help them, Haerak offered to try and lead them to the relative safety of the city. They managed to recover some good steel from the smouldering wreckage of the site of their desperate battle, and, without looking back, left Witchcaves behind.

The journey to Deepwatch was dangerous, but Haerak managed to avoid further encounters with the strange monsters known as wigglers, several time skirting wide around them to avoid confrontation.

In Deepwatch, they found where the refugees would find the best welcome, put a handful of coins in their pockets, and sent them away. They acquired their rooms once more, and Haerak found Lawrence the Bear, informing him of all that had happened, and of the strange bone that was the true package he was delivering. The Bear found the news of Githyanki troubling, and promised to inform his superiors of all Haerak had learned.

Fjensir was eager to find a building known as the House of Iron Ore, as his destiny was promised to lie within. Haerak and the bard found the building soon enough, though it had been long shuttered. Within, they found a sad building, once princely, now stripped bare of valuables, long taken away to pay creditors. They found the desiccated corpse of Drelix the Dragon, a noted gladiator turned merchant. Evidently when a turn of bad luck destroyed his business, Drelix took his own life, leaving behind no friends, no family and no possessions, save the deed on his newest ship, under construction in Silverbridge, awaiting the final payment.

Haerak suggested that perhaps this ship was the destiny Fjensir sought, and, that if he came with Haerak to Bannertown to find Kernoc’s son Grestmaul, he would help him reach Silverbridge and claim his destiny

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